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Changelog: C# General Availability & our AI-enhanced CLI

New features to the Speakeasy Platform - May 1, 2024

The release of our C# SDK marks an important milestone for Speakeasy. Over half of the languages we support are now in GA! As always, a massive thank you to all our customers and users for their feedback and support. We couldn't have done it without you 🎉 And it goes without saying, we won't stop here. More to come very shortly!

C# General Availability

Microsoft acolytes and fintech employees rejoice! We're excited to announce that C# is now generally available. General availability means that the public interface is now stable, and every feature of Speakeasy's generation platform is accessible. A few of the highlights that have us excited include:

  • Configurable support for .NET 5.X and above
  • Async/Await support
  • OAuth2.0 support
  • Support for complex number types:
    • System.Numbers.BigInteger
    • System.Decimal
  • Strong-typing with IntelliSense support

The full details can be found here (opens in a new tab)

Speakeasy Ask

We're excited to announce the release of Speakeasy Ask, our AI-enhanced CLI. Speakeasy Ask is a new feature that allows you to ask questions about your OpenAPI spec and SDKs without leaving our CLI. This feature is designed to make it easy to access the Speakeasy knowledge base wherever your work happens.

No more side by side windows or switching between tabs. Just ask your question and get the answer you need.

🚢 Improvements and Bug Fixes 🐛

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Based on the most recent CLI version: Speakeasy v1.277.4 (opens in a new tab)

🚢 ClientCredentialSecurityAccess for combined security options
🚢 Postman generation in alpha
🚢 Improved performance of speakeasy validate by making sure validation runs resolve names


🐛 Improved handling of errors returned by the after_error hook
🚢 Added support for unions as errors
🚢 Ensure classes can't use Undefined reserved word in Python


🚢 Added support for unions as errors


🚢 Support added for SDK Hooks
🐛 Applied workaround for jackson-databind boolean serialization issue
🐛 Removed jsonpath dependency if pagination is not configured
🐛 Removed redundant imports in usage snippets
🐛 Used wildcard generic types as input only
🚢 Added SuppressWarnings unchecked annotations, report unchecked in build


🐛 Fixed missing import for flattened operation parameters
🚢 Added support for injection of additional dependencies


🐛 Removed excess comma when templating SSE responses with headers
🐛 Computed accept types from success responses
🐛 Added better error messages for content type mismatches
🚢 Updated SDKs to use zod 3.23.4
🚢 JSR publishing available out of the box
🚢 Added support for unions as errors
🚢 Added handling of optional security when using client credentials auth


🐛 Arrays are now instantiated as empty slices to avoid null being sent over the wire

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