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On Demand Publishing & Pre-Releases

New features to the Speakeasy Platform - June 27, 2024

You've just generated your SDK, and you're feeling good, but in the immortal words of Kobe Bryant, "Jobs not finished. SDK published? I don't think so."

Until it's published, your SDK is NOT done. Fortunately, with our recent release it's easier than ever to not only generate, but also publish your SDKs "On Demand".

Pre-Releases & On-Demand Publishing

You can now add any pre-release version identifiers that you want to tag your SDK with: -alpha, -beta, etc. As you update your SDK, we'll automatically version bump while retaining the pre-release tags. Then when you're ready, you can remove the tag and publish your new version.

And now, all this can be done from the Speakeasy dashboard, just head to the publishing tab and re-publish your SDKs whenever you want.

🚢 Improvements and Bug Fixes 🐛

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Based on the most recent CLI version: Speakeasy v1.309.1 (opens in a new tab)

The Platform

🚢 Feat: Turn on Github Sandboxes by default for typescript, go and python SDKs
🚢 Feat: Imroved default target SDK naming from the classname
🐛 Fix: Improved handling of discriminated union handling


🚢 Feat: x-speakeasy-match supports subkeys for Terraform


🚢 Feat: Enabled custom base package naming in gen.yaml 🚢 Feat: License included in build.gradle
🚢 Feat: Improved comment syntax
🐛 Fix: ClientCredentialsHook compiles when global security absent


🚢 Feat: Added tolerance for extra json fields in union deserialization
🐛 Fix: Resolved union handling

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