Code Generation Concepts

Speakeasy assists in generating and maintaining libraries and plugins (generation targets) to facilitate API interactions. This page defines the nomenclature we use to describe generation targets.

Nomenclature (1st May 2024)

  • General Availability (GA): A fully supported release with all functionalities that alter the type interface from OpenAPI Specification keywords (e.g. oneOf, anyOf, allOf const, default) available. These versions follow semantic versioning (semver), with interface stability maintained for non-breaking OpenAPI changes unless you opt-in to such changes.
  • Gold: Builds on GA by including all opt-in enhancements, such as Pagination, Retries, Server Templates, Hooks, OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials, and more.
  • Beta: A pre-release version that incorporates many, but not all, features found in GA or Gold. This version is stable enough for general testing but is subject to potential significant modifications as feedback is incorporated.
  • Alpha: An early preview of upcoming features intended for gathering feedback and refining concepts. It is less complete than Beta and likely to be unstable, with frequent updates and significant changes expected.
  • Level 2: Extends the type interface by synthesizing multiple API calls into single interactions. This is achieved by utilizing specified links (opens in a new tab) (hyperlinks between API operations as defined by the OpenAPI Specification), workflows (opens in a new tab) (predefined sequences of API calls), and speakeasy extensions (custom enhancements for better API integration).

Current Targets

Deprecated Targets

  • Typescript Beta (v1)
  • Java Beta (v1)