How we support our Enterprise customers

1. Automatic SDK maintenance

A core part of Speakeasy’s value proposition is keeping your SDKs up-to-date with key changes in languages/frameworks and dependencies.

We periodically ensure that these updates are propagated to the SDKs we maintain on your behalf, and post such updates automatically in the SDK pull requests we create.

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We recommend adopting the latest version of Speakeasy to ensure your SDKs benefit from the latest updates. For customers using Speakeasy via GitHub Actions, you will automatically be using the newest version of Speakeasy.

2. Support SLAs

Speakeasy is committed to providing rapid response and resolution to any issues you raise. With this in mind, we offer:

  • A dedicated customer support channel (Slack, Teams).
  • Prioritized ticket resolution based on severity (P0/P1/P2 SLAs).
  • SLAs for question response and ticket triage are as below
Priority levelDefinitionSLAInitiationCredits
P0Generated Terraform providers or SDKs do not work (i.e. severe functional issues exist)First response within 1 hourE-mail at support@speakeasyapi.dev5% of the fee applicable in the month per incident SLA breach
P1Generated Terraform providers or SDKs have severe ergonomic or minor functional impact on customersFirst response within 3 hoursE-mail at support@speakeasyapi.dev2% of the fee applicable in the month per incident SLA breach
P2Generated Terraform providers or SDKs have bugs with minor ergonomic impact on customers. Feature requests.Prioritize as part of Speakeasy standard development practice. Visible in public roadmap.E-mail at support@speakeasyapi.devn/a

3. Uptime SLAs

Core Systems (Code Generation, App, CLI) Uptime: 99.99% uptime per calendar month

  • Calculation: Total uptime minutes per calendar month / total minutes per calendar month
  • Credit on SLA breach:
    • Uptime between 95% - 99.99%: 10% of the fee applicable in that month
    • Uptime less than 95%: 20% of the fee applicable in that month

Current & historical metrics can be viewed on (opens in a new tab)

In no instance will total credits in a given month, either via Technical Support SLA breach or via Uptime SLA breach, exceed the total fee applicable from Customer in that month.