Build SDKs in Your GitHub Org

Once you've experimented and are ready to make SDKs available to your users, you can configure Speakeasy to build SDKs in your GitHub organization.

Note that building SDKs in your GitHub organization is a gated feature. Request access to this feature in the Speakeasy web app and someone will get in touch with you.

Permission Your Repo

You need to configure your repositories so the Speakeasy pipeline can push code to them.

  1. Add the Speakeasy GitHub App (opens in a new tab) to the organization in which the repositories live.
  2. For each of your repositories, go to Settings > Actions > General and make sure that the relevant Workflow permissions are configured so that:
    • Workflows have read and write permissions in the repository for all scopes.
    • GitHub Actions can create and approve pull requests.

Configured settings in GitHub

Point Generation at Your Repo

When you have configured your repos, return to the app and go to Settings > SDKs. From the list of your SDKs, click on the SDK you want to build in your GitHub organization.

In the "Target Repo" field, enter the URL of the repo you permissioned and want to generate the SDK in. For example:

Settings for a self-managed SDK

And that's it! Speakeasy will now generate your SDKs in your GitHub organization.