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Experience the unparalleled capabilities of Universal TypeScript. Unlock all the features you'd meticulously handwrite in an SDK, effortlessly crafted by Speakeasy's platform in just minutes.

1import { SDK } from "@speakeasy/super-sdk";
3async function run() {
4  const sdk = new SDK();
6  const result = await sdk.products.create({
7    name: "Fancy pants",
8    price: "ummm"
9  });
14// 🚨 Throws
16// ZodError: [
17//   {
18//     "code": "invalid_type",
19//     "expected": "number",
20//     "received": "string",
21//     "path": [
22//       "price"
23//     ],
24//     "message": "Expected number, received string"
25//   }
26// ]
Modern Typescript

Designed for TypeScript Developers.

Embark on a journey tailored for TypeScript developers. Unleash the full potential of modern TypeScript with a platform meticulously crafted for your coding needs.

Enterprise ready

npm install your-api. Done.

Full OpenAPI support

Always get a working SDK, no matter the complexity of your API

Minimal dependencies

Built on fetch and Zod. Powerful but thin


Type safety with no compromises. From IDE to runtime. Docs built into every SDK

End-to-end automation

Automatically updated, versioned and published to package managers

Flexible generation

Support for Server Sent Events, File Streaming, Oauth, Retries & Pagination and more

Wall of Love


Speakeasy is crafting great experiences for developers, paving the way for success stories, empowering businesses, and fueling growth across various domains.

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Finally tried for generating SDKs from OpenAPI specs for pretty ergonomic, with high quality Python and TypeScript SDKs!

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Speakeasy has built a platform that makes it possible for us to create SDKs that make integrating with our API easy

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