Bring your AI capabilities to millions of developers

Purpose built SDKs to support complex AI use cases. Everything you need to integrate your API into Langchain in just a few lines of code.
Speakeasy AI Docs
Speakeasy AI Docs

Why Speakeasy

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Support for OAuth, retries and pagination
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Support for data streaming

Language-native support for file and log streaming in uploads and downloads
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Best practices baked in

Error handling, type safety and other best practices included
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Built to handle complexity

Built in constants and defaults for complex data types
πŸš€ Thanks to our collaboration with @speakeasydev to build SDKs, using our API is easier than ever! πŸ™Œ

Peter Runham, Co-founder and CTO LeonardoAI

How Speakeasy can help you


SDKs as Robust as your AI

Developers expect your API to come with a typesafe client library in their language. That takes time your team doesn't have. Delight your users and focus on building your business.


AI to help build your AI

Speakeasy Suggest is an OpenAPI LLM Agent. It keeps your OpenAPI spec up to date with examples, descriptions and everything else you need for a robust integration experience.

Speakeasy AI Docs

Docs built for fast integration

Give your users API documentation that helps them get live in integration with your AI. Production ready in minutes, not months.


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