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Achieve the vision of Self-Service APIs. Speakeasy enables you to move beyond API docs through an interactive, best-in-class Developer Experience portal.
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Request Viewer

Request Viewer

No more emailed request/response payloads, or screen-shares with users to search through logs and compare json objects. The Speakeasy SDK powers an embeddable Request Viewer. Give your developers and your customers the ability to easily troubleshoot their integrations. Replay requests and more!

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“I’ve wasted hours this week on zoom calls trying to troubleshoot our partners’ implementations.”

-API Producer
API Analytics

API Analytics

No more running SQL queries over API logs for clients. Give your API developers and your API users easy access to the usage stats they need to understand traffic patterns and common errors.

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­“The APIs we use are a black box. I can’t monitor how often we’re calling, the error messaging is opaque, and troubleshooting is a nightmare”  

-API Consumer
Client SDKs

Client SDKs

No more writing boilerplate for pagination, retries, auth and more. Give your users the language-idiomatic client SDKs you’ve always wanted, generated directly from your OpenAPI schema.

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“We’d like to offer SDKs, but the OpenAPI generator sucks, and we don’t have time to handroll the features to make it usable: pagination, auth, etc. – maybe next quarter”

-API Consumer

A fully-featured API Ops platform in minutes

Speakeasy gives you the building blocks to power best-in-class developer experience. Add our SDK in 3 lines of code and get immediate access to a suite of embeddable UI components that speed up customer integration and enable self-service support. We're the API Platform team for every company!

Designed for Developers
by Developers

3 lines of code
to start

import "github.com/speakeasy-api/speakeasy-go-sdk"
func main() {
  speakeasy.Configure(speakeasy.Configuration {
    APIKey:     "YOUR API KEY HERE",
  //rest of your program
  mux := http.NewServeMux()

Run it where it suits you!

We don't want you to have to fight with your security team. That's why the platform is available via self-hosting or Speakeasy Cloud.

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