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Building for the Builders

We're a team of developers passionate about building for other developers. Speakeasy makes crafting great API experiences easy. We imagine a future where every API has always up-to-date interfaces that make integration easy.

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Our Mission

Accelerate innovation by making it radically simple to create and consume APIs.

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Our values
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Transparency over Illusion

We are ambitious in our goals, but honest about our progress. We don’t shy away from asking questions or pushing back when something doesn’t make sense.

Execution over Perfection icon

Execution over Perfection

We prioritize and execute. We don’t over-analyze, and are comfortable moving ahead despite ambiguity

Autonomy over Consensus icon

Autonomy over Consensus

We trust individuals to make decisions, own the outcomes, and gather data from others where appropriate.

Through customer value our ego is lost icon

Through customer value our ego is lost

We make decisions by focusing relentlessly on customer value — and accept if this means changing our individual ideas. Customer success is team success.

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Meet Speakeasy people

Sagar Batchu headshot

Sagar Batchu

Co-founder, CEO

Loves dev tools and chicory in his coffee

Simon Yu headshot

Simon Yu

Co-founder, COO

Loves to hit balls over nets

Hector hernandez headshot

Hector Hernandez

Founding Head of GTM

Loves building companies and spending time with his wife and two young daughters

Nolan Sullivan headshot

Nolan Di Mare Sullivan

Founding Developer Relations

Cooks, battles snails, and reads books

Tristan Cartledge headshot

Tristan Cartledge

Founding Engineer

Gaming enthusiast, Go developer, and former Reef barman

Thomas Rooney headshot

Thomas Rooney

Founding Engineer

Creator of, and meat sommelier

Chase Crumbaugh headshot

Chase Crumbaugh

Founding Engineer

Creator of Neon Ronin

Ryan Albert headshot

Ryan Albert

Founding Engineer

Likes playing sports, but mostly watches better athletes play sports

Georges Haidar headshot

Georges Haidar

Founding Engineer

Proud cat dad, mechanical keyboard appreciator

Tatian Caciur headshot

Tatiana Caciur


Reads a lot of books and loves Formula 1

Ash Godfrey headshot

Ash Godfrey

Developer Success Engineer

Recreational circus artist, animal lover

David Adler headshot

David Adler

Founding Engineer

Vulnerable to being nerd sniped and chucking somersaults

Ian Bentley headshot

Ian Bentley

Language Consultant

Painter, bassist, and techno fanboy

Qynn Schwaab headshot

Qynn Schwaab

Language Consultant

Always loves a good pitcher of coffee

Luke Hagar headshot

Luke Hagar

Sales Engineer

Dad, tinkerer, and amateur homelabber

Brian Flad headshot

Brian Flad

Product Engineer

Loves traveling, gaming, and pretending to cook well

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Open Positions

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We're currently looking for help in the following areas:

Product Engineer

San Francisco, Remote

Product Engineer

London (UK), Remote

Developer Advocate

San Francisco

Technical Account Manager

San Francisco

Founding Designer

San Francisco, London, Remote

Couldn't locate your desired position? Feel free to contact us!

Our Investors

Google Ventures
Quiet Capital
Flex Capital
Firestreak Capital
Story House Capital
Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

President at Datadog

Clint Sharp

Clint Sharp

Co-founder and CEO at Cribl

Todd Berman

Todd Berman

CTO at Attentive

and many other CTOs, heads of engineering and executives from companies such as:
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