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Changelog #10: API Key Management

Changes to the Speakeasy platform - November 9, 2022.

You spend your time building the perfect API: the error messages are insightful, the external abstractions are flawless – but before anyone can use your beautiful API, they need the keys. That might mean someone spending a week hacking together a passable API key management system (it can’t rotate keys, but we’ll get to it next quarter). Or it could also mean the team manually sharing keys via OneTimeSecret with every client that needs onboarding. Neither scenario is great.

Or you could let Speakeasy do it for you. We now offer a self-service API key management embed, which can be easily integrated with your API gateway. One less thing you need to worry about when you’re launching your new API.

New Features

API Key Management - We’re working on making the entire API user journey self-serve and that journey starts with enabling key management for your API users. With Speakeasy’s key management embed, your users can create and revoke API keys in your developer experience portal. Set up is easy: Speakeasy integrates directly with your API gateway to externalize key management through an OpenAPI Spec extension; it works with any API Gateways that supports OIDC2 workflows and external token sources. This includes Google Cloud Endpoints, Kong, Apigee, AWS API Gateway and more. If there’s a gateway not on this list that you’d like to use, reply to this email, or come talk to us in Slack (opens in a new tab).

Incremental Improvements

Dark Mode - Ensure your users have a consistent developer experience. Speakeasy’s dev portal embeds now fit seamlessly into your existing developer portal. All our embeds now respect dark mode settings at the operating system and site level to make sure the developer experience in your portal is consistent, dark, and handsome.

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