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Changelog #11: DevEx portals as a service

Changes to the Speakeasy platform - November 17, 2022.

If there’s a time gap between your user signup and first successful request, if your team has to dig through request logs to troubleshoot integrations, if you’re not seeing users’ API usage expand over time, then you probably need to consider investing in your API developer experience.

Our new API DevEx portal makes it easy.  We’ve assembled Speakeasy’s individual embeds into an end-to-end nextjs app with the tooling needed to enable your users to:

  • Manage their API keys
  • Analyze request and response logs
  • Understand their API usage
  • Test new use cases

If you're interested in using the portal builder Come talk to us on Slack! (opens in a new tab)

New Features

API DevEx Portal Builder - We talked two weeks ago about how Client SDKs are a pillar of good API DevEx. Portals are another. If APIs are the powerful bare metal capabilities you offer to your clients, developer experience portals are the packaging that make them an easy-to-use product. A well-built portal unlocks fast initial integration, seamless usage expansion, and self-service troubleshooting by making your API:

  • Accessible: there is zero friction to begin sending API requests.
  • Understandable: users are able to get immediate feedback on their API usage – and to self-service troubleshoot issues when they do occur.
  • Usable: It is trivially easy for users to discover and test out new use cases for your API that naturally expand their usage.

See it in action!

We take care of the API developer experience, so you can focus on the stuff that makes your API special.

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