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Changelog #15: Easy Validation For OpenAPI

Changes to the Speakeasy platform - January 10, 2023.

New Year means new product shipping!

When you encounter an error while troubleshooting, you want to know where the error occurred and what caused it. Anyone who’s tried to do code generation from an OpenAPI spec is unfortunately very familiar with the anguish of hunting through a thousand-line yaml file to track down opaque errors without line numbers to guide you.

With the latest release of our CLI, that should hopefully be a problem of the past. We’ve baked in an OpenAPI validator that will help you optimize your spec for code generation workflows and make troubleshooting any issues a breeze. See it in action below.

New Features

OpenAPI Validation - OpenAPI validation is baked into our SDK generator, but can also be used on its own: speakeasy validate openapi -s openapi.yaml. The validator provides you with both warnings: implementation that is bad practice, but not incorrect and errors: implementation that violates the OpenAPI spec. The best part is that the warnings and errors returned are actionable. The error messages are human-readable, and include a line number to make it easy to track down:

Error: validation error: [line 12] validate-servers - Server URL is not valid: no hostname or path provided

To try it out yourself, download the CLI:

***brew install speakeasy-api/homebrew-tap/speakeasy***

***speakeasy validate openapi -s openapi.yaml***

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