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Changelog #18: Build Custom Workflows - Sneak Peak!

Changes to the Speakeasy platform - February 07, 2023.

Nothing is more frustrating than a platform standing in the way of you solving your problem. That is why the best platforms provide users extensibility. When a use case is not served by the core platform, users can extend the platform with customized functionality to address their use case.

The Speakeasy API platform is no different. We’ve packed a lot of functionality into it, but we can’t do everything. Which is why we’re excited to give our users the ability to build plugins that add custom functionality to the platform.

New Features

Speakeasy Plugins [Alpha]: Users can now define custom javascript functions (powered by WebAssembly!) to run on the API request & response data that flows into the Speakeasy platform. The possible applications are endless, but some common uses would be like custom field validation script, defining a derived field from the raw data, or tracing a user onboarding onto your API. The newly defined fields are then added to the existing set of api requests for you to view. We plan for plugins to be hosted on Github with an extendable base template to get you started. Eventually, we want to explore exposing these to directly to your end users. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

See the new feature in action below:

Small Improvements

[Bug fix] CLI Auth for Safari & Brave - After reports of CLI authentication running into CORS issues on Safari & Brave browsers, we’ve switched our authentication method to one compatible with all browsers.

CLI Safe Cleanup - Our CLI is getting smarter! It now tracks which files it generates when building SDKs and will only purge previously created files before new output is saved.

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