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Changelog: SDK and Terraform Generation Improvements

New features to the Speakeasy Platform - January, 2024

🚢 Improvements and Bug Fixes 🐛

Most recent version: Speakeasy v1.160.0 (opens in a new tab)

🚢 Vacuum reports to validation output
🚢 feat: added validation for invalid const/default values
🐛 Ensure serialization method suffix is retain when overriding method names


🚢 Add support for server sent events (SSE)
🐛 Correctly resolve union references and imports
🐛 remove Type from reserved words


🚢 Use primitives for required boolean/numeric values
🚢 support const (primitives only, not operation parameters)
🚢 support file streaming for downloads
🐛 prevent namespace collisions with java.lang.Object


🐛 Correctly resolve union references and imports short global and server variable names and conflicts with reserved type keyword
🚢 Add support for server sent events (SSE)


🐛 Ensure global security callbacks are always an option
🚢 Add support for server sent events (SSE)
🚢 bump minimum go version to 1.20


🚢 Add pagination section to readme
🚢 add authentication readme section
🚢 implement global security flattening
🚢 support applying Bearer prefix for oauth2 and oidc scheme
🐛 fixed handling of sdks without servers
🐛 serverIndex not used during SDK instantiation


🚢 default value for big floats (type: number)
🚢 push default values into Computed + Optional fields explicitly; such that it's available as terraform plan output
🐛 type reconciliation of enums + non-enums could sometimes cause attributes (e.g. computed) from not being applied


🐛 imports and module issues fixed

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