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Changelog #21: A MonoRepo For Your SDKs

Changes to the Speakeasy platform - March 07, 2023.

We’re living in the age of the monorepo. And SDKs are no different.

The SDK monorepo sturcture was popularized by Amazon, but it’s become an increasingly common pattern for companies that are offering multiple APIs. The main benefit of providing SDKs in a monorepo is that it can help users with service discovery, with the downside that the SDKs are much larger in size.

Ultimately it’s a choice of personal preference. But whether you want your SDKs to adhere to the more traditional “repo per API” or you decide to adopt the monorepo, Speakeasy can create SDKs that your users will love, in the structure you prefer.

New Features

Support for MonoRepo Structure: Centralize your APIs’ SDKs in one repository to make service discovery easy for your users. Although services are grouped together, individual API updates and publishing can still be managed granularly, so your team maintains the same shipping velocity.

See an example of a monorepo below:

Manage API Keys Without a Gateway: Our self-serve API key solution is built to easily plug into any major gateway provider and help you externalize your API key management. However, a gateway doesn’t always make sense for company that’s just starting their API journey.


Improved Usage Snippets: People are going to copy/paste example code, so we’ve made sure the generated examples in Readme’s are accurate and compilable.

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