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Changelog #6: Dynamic Dev Portals with Speakeasy Components

Changes to the Speakeasy platform - September 21, 2022.

New Features

  • React-native Request Viewer - Enable your users to troubleshoot broken API implementations on their own – dramatically reducing support costs and mean time-to-resolution. Just embed our request viewer in your developer portal or any customer facing app. The embed is fully featured: users can filter requests (time, status code, endpoint, etc.), replay them immediately in-app, or share as a permalink with your customer support team (no more emailed/slacked logs!). Check out our NPM package here (opens in a new tab).

Start Here: Speakeasy API Platform and Dev portal Embeds - Watch Video (opens in a new tab)

  • Python support for client-sdk generation - Struggling to use the buggy open source openapi-generator libraries? We’ve added support for an idiomatic Python3 client SDK generated straight from your OpenAPI spec. Reach out if you're interested to try it out. It will soon be freely available through a standalone CLI.
  • Run Speakeasy locally - Start testing Speakeasy ASAP. Our latest release includes docker compose support, so you can easily run Speakeasy locally.

Smaller Changes

  • New API Dashboard UI - Our API dashboard has a fresh coat of paint. Overviews of every API are now represented by horizontal cards with all the relevant key stats and labels. Login and check it out (opens in a new tab)!
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