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Overlay to remove non-Terraform endpoints

Often generating a Terraform provider from your OpenAPI spec means using a subset of endpoints to generate the provider. Endpoints or paths in your spec not used for terraform generation will still be used to generate a Go client inside your provider. This can lead to a bloated provider with unused endpoints. If you want to remove these consider using the following overlay.

overlay: 1.0.0
title: Overlay openapi.yaml
version: 0.1.0
- target: $.paths.*.*[?(!@.x-speakeasy-entity-operation && @.operationId)] # Find all paths that do not have x-speakeasy-entity-operation and operationId
remove: true

When applied to an OpenAPI specification this overlay will remove any paths from the specification that are not tagged with x-speakeasy-entity-operation. The operation needed to map an OpenAPI operationId to a terraform resource.

To apply this overlay run speakeasy overlay apply -s {your-spec.yaml} -o {overlay.yaml}. This will generate a new OpenAPI specification with the paths removed.

Finally add this to your terraform generation workflow by using speakeasy configure sources to add an overlay to any source with an existing openapi specificaiton configured.