Production-ready SDKs Crafted in Minutes

Integrating with an API is often very manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. Speakeasy takes care of the entire SDK workflow to save you significant time, delivering enterprise-grade SDKs to your customers in minutes with just a few clicks!

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SDK Features

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Idiomatic SDKs

Idiomatic SDKs in 9+ languages with type-safety, embedded docs and IDE autocomplete.
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Batteries included

Comes packaged with pagination, retries, streaming and authentication available out-of-the-box.
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Streamline Releases

Automate SDK versioning and publishing with a GitHub native workflow.
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Flexible and Brandable

Simplify complex and multi part APIs for your users with API merging, namespacing and grouping.
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Robust and feature-rich SDKs

Our code generation engine was built from the ground-up with a focus on idiomatic and configurable code. Scale out to multiple languages without having to be an expert in each. Each SDK is crafted to meet best practices for each language while also providing consistent integration ergonomics across langauges.
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Future Proofed and Stable

Speakeasy will keep your SDKs up to date with all the latest language and security updates.
Best practices built in

Best practices built in

Our SDKs are built with language expertise so you don't have to.
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No compromises on type safety

Unions, enums, nullables, optionals, BigInts, custom DateTypes etc ... we've got you covered.
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Support custom code

Enrich the the SDK code with convenience functions and first class ignore support
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Customize with ease

We give you a build kit to create a branded and customisable developer interface straight from your API spec. The result is a a language-native, powerful experience that makes integrations delightful.
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Support Streaming APIs

Got binary log data ? The SDKs will come with language native streams.
Support Complex Authentication

Support Complex Authentication

Whether its Basic auth, API keys, Bearer tokens, or OAuth2.0 we'll support convenience functions
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Webhooks and Async Events

Async integration examples and typesafety for webhook payloads
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Pagination and Retries

Simplify complex data fetching with simple 'for' loops and auto retry support
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Always in Sync SDK

CI/CD integrations ensure that SDKs are automatically updated, versioned and published every time your API changes. Our workflows will keep your SDK repositores validated, tested, and documented. Slot this into your development workflow and set your SDKs on autopilot.
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Always stay in sync

SDKs update automatically with generated Pull Requests in your CI/CD workflow
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Group, Merge and Overlay OpenAPI specs

Unify your API specs or support federated development with overlays
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Publish to Package managers

Publish to NPM, PyPi, Maven, Nuget, RubyGems, Go Modules, and more
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Failsafe workflow

Get real time spec validation, suggestion, sdk compilation and testing feedback before release
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Get started quickly

No OpenAPI? No problem. Speakeasy works seamlessly with your existing API framework. Follow our framework guides on how to maintain and customise your SDK straight from your codebase.
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Fault Tolerance

If your OpenAPI spec is valid we'll always generate a working SDK
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Maintain a single source of truth

Use speakeasy extensions to group API resources right in your serverside framework
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Multiple servers, one SDK

Make switching between prod and sandbox easy for your users
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Multiple API versions

Shift warnings on versions and deprecations into the IDE with in line hinting
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