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Changelog #3: React Embeds

Changes to the Speakeasy platform - August 30, 2022.

New Features

  • React Embeds - The Speakeasy platform web app is always there if you need it, but if you already have a homegrown platform, you can alternately add us in as a React embed. Check out the below demo of Alexa, from our engineering team, adding Speakeasy embeds into a web app

(plus bonus footage (opens in a new tab) of Alexa setting up filtering for the embeds)

Smaller Changes

  • [Typescript] Mask sensitive data - Customers using the typescript SDK can now prevent sensitive fields from entering the platform. See our docs for how to set up field masking.
  • [Self Hosting] Support for BigQuery storage - Store API logs in your data warehouse. User’s self-hosting Speakeasy on GCP can now store requests in BigQuery.
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