Server Variables

Server Variables

Server variables are a map of variable names (string) to Server Variable Objects that can be used for variable substitution via Templating.

Server Variable Object

A Server Variable Object describes a single variable that is optionally part of the URL in a Server Object. The value of a variable can be any arbitrary string value unless a list of allowed values is provided via the enum field.

descriptionStringA description of the variable. CommonMark syntax (opens in a new tab) can be used to provide a rich description.
defaultStringThe default value of the variable. A variable is always of type string. If enum is provided this must be one of the values in the enum list.
enumList<string>A list of allowed string values for the variable.
x-*ExtensionsAny number of extension fields can be added to the Server Variable Object that can be used by tooling and vendors.


- url: https://{organization}.{environment}
description: A per-organization and per-environment API
description: The organization name. Defaults to a generic organization.
default: api
description: The environment name. Defaults to the production environment.
default: prod
- prod
- staging
- dev

Any variable delimited by {} in the url field declares a part of the URL that must be replaced with a value and references a variable that must be defined in the variables map. It is the API consumer's responsibility to replace these variables (including the delimiters) with values to create a valid URL before making a request to the API. The defined default should be used if no other value is provided.