speakeasy generate

Generate Client SDKs, OpenAPI specs from request logs (coming soon) and more


The "generate" command provides a set of commands for generating client SDKs, OpenAPI specs (coming soon) and more (coming soon).


speakeasy generate [flags]


-h, --help help for generate

Parent Command

  • speakeasy - The speakeasy cli tool provides access to the toolchain

Sub Commands

  • speakeasy generate docs - Use this command to generate content for the SDK docs directory.
  • speakeasy generate sdk - Generating Client SDKs from OpenAPI specs (csharp, go, java, javav2, php, python, ruby, swift, terraform, typescript, typescriptv2, unity + more coming soon)
  • speakeasy generate usage - Generate standalone usage snippets for SDKs in (go, typescript, python, java, php, swift, ruby, csharp, unity)