speakeasy bump

Bumps the version of a Speakeasy Generation Target


Bumps the version of a Speakeasy Generation Target, run within the target's directory. Allows the bumping of patch, minor, and major versions or setting to a specific version.


  • speakeasy bump patch - Bumps the target's version by one patch version
  • speakeasy bump -v 1.2.3 - Sets the target's version to 1.2.3
  • speakeasy bump major -t typescript - Bumps the typescript target's version by one major version


speakeasy bump [patch|minor|major] [flags]


-h, --help help for bump
-t, --target string The target to bump the version of, if more than one target is found in the gen.yaml
-v, --version string The version to bump to, if you want to specify a specific version.

Options inherited from parent commands

--logLevel string the log level (available options: [info, warn, error]) (default "info")

Parent Command

  • speakeasy - The speakeasy cli tool provides access to the speakeasyapi.dev toolchain