Override Accept Headers

The OpenAPI specification makes it easy for you to use the content directive to specify which endpoints in your API support multiple content types.

In this example, our get-all-users endpoint can return a response encoded either as unstructured text/plain data or as a structured application/json document.

operationId: getAll
- users
description: OK
type: string
type: string

When invoking the operation normally, your Speakeasy SDK will automatically default to the first option in the list, in this case, text/plain.

For any API operations that specify multiple accept headers in your OpenAPI specification, your Speakeasy SDK provides a mechanism to override the accept header so that you can receive your data in the format you prefer.

Accept Header Override in Go

In Go, all types from all operations are collected into a global AcceptHeaderEnum type that can be found in sdk/operations/options.go.

type AcceptHeaderEnum string
const (
AcceptHeaderEnumApplicationJson AcceptHeaderEnum = "application/json"
AcceptHeaderEnumTextPlain AcceptHeaderEnum = "text/plain"

By invoking the WithAcceptHeaderOverride function with the appropriate AcceptHeaderEnum, you can create the optional parameter that you can then pass to your operation:

s := sdk.New()
ctx := context.Background()
res, err := s.Users.GetAll(ctx, operations.WithAcceptHeaderOverride(operations.AcceptHeaderEnumApplicationJSON))

Accept Header Override in Python and TypeScript

In Python and TypeScript, each operation with multiple specified accept headers will have an enum created that provides the acceptable options. The name of the enum will be the tag name, followed by the operation name, followed by AcceptEnum. For the example above, that would be UsersGetAllAcceptEnum.

import { UsersGetAllAcceptEnum } from "../src/sdk/users";
const s = new SDK({});
const res = await s.users.getAll(undefined, undefined, UsersGetAllAcceptEnum.applicationJSON);

Unspecified Accept Headers

While we strongly recommend adding all accept headers to your OpenAPI spec, in Go, it is possible to override the accept header to an unspecified value.

s := sdk.New()
ctx := context.Background()
res, err := s.Users.GetAll(ctx, operations.WithAcceptHeaderOverride("application/json+debug"))

There is no support for unspecified accept headers in Python or TypeScript.