Getting Started

The Speakeasy CLI provides access to features of the Speakeasy Platform. This CLI supports an interactive mode. Simply type speakeasy in your terminal for a guided set-up and usage experience.


In your terminal, run:

Homebrew (macOS)

brew install speakeasy-api/homebrew-tap/speakeasy

Script (macOS and Linux)

curl -fsSL | sh

Chocolatey (Windows)

choco install speakeasy

Manual Installation

Download the latest Speakeasy CLI release for your platform from the releases page (opens in a new tab), extract, and add the binary to your path.


Authenticate with the Speakeasy Platform to use the Speakeasy CLI:

speakeasy auth login

A browser window will open. Log in to the Speakeasy Platform and create a workspace (or select a workspace if you have previously used the platform) by following the prompts.

When you are redirected to your workspace, Speakeasy will generate an API key for you. Return to the terminal, and you should see a message that you are authenticated.


Get started with the installed Speakeasy CLI with a single interactive command.

speakeasy quickstart

Getting started is that easy.

For the full set of CLI commands, type speakeasy -h.

Using the Speakeasy CLI in CI/CD

To use the Speakeasy CLI in a CI/CD pipeline, authenticate it by creating an API key in the Speakeasy Platform (opens in a new tab) and then set the SPEAKEASY_API_KEY environment variable to the value of an API key from the API keys page.